Analysis For MLB & NBA September 2nd

Going to need everyone to put on their big boy pants.

First, in MLB, this is a 100 percent fade of the Rockies. I know Freeland is arguably their best pitcher in day games, and at home, and maybe he shuts down the Gmen but the Rockies are soooo bad right now on offense. Everyone is in a slump. Maybe Pillar batting in the middle helps them a bit or maybe he stinks like he has everywhere else. But this game is worth a half unit shot on a + moneyline.

In the NBA, glad I chickened out on the Nuggets under last night, and Boston, since Boston won outright and the Nugs went under by 60 points. But you see what game 7’s can look like. Everyone is tight and they are ugly. Now, you do have more veterans on the court tonight that have been there, done that, but I’m thinking this game looks closer to the way it did in Game 6. I know most of their games have gone over, and so had every single Nuggets game in the bubble (except one), until last night. Please no OT, please no OT.

I am not awaiting starting line-ups today in MLB because I had some time to do some mock lineups, based on the handedness and career marks versus the opposing pitchers and believe I know who will start, or damn close to it. This is not something I usually don’t have the time to do.

Since Minny and SD are juicy, we are lowering unit size to mitigate potential losses.

On to the plays…LFG!

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